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What is JURU

JURU is a legaltech and insurtech innovation that is first of its kind in the Hong Kong market. It is a smart tool for assessing and handling Employees Compensation claims and Common Law Personal Injuries and Fatal claims. With the use of latest technology like AI and NLP, JURU enables claims handlers (in law firms or insurers) to calculate the likely amount of compensation and identify relevant court precedents in an efficient, timely and accurate manner. That is unprecedented!


  • jFind – PSLA Finder: find relevant PSLA court precedents
  • jCalc – EC Calculator: Process automation for EC claims
  • jQuan – Quantum Assessor: Assess different heads of damages for Common Law claims
  • jSort – Precedents Sorter: Sort out relevant court precedents
  • jDoc – Docs template database: Free document templates for download
  • jLib – Useful Link: List of useful information links
  • Writ Search – Search for writ with 20 years database

Why Should I use JURU

A substantial proportion of an insurer's pay-out for third party liability claims under Motor, EC, Public Liability portfolio is for legal fees. Without JURU, lots of legal fees are incurred for lawyers to conduct mundane time-consuming assessment and legal research for court precedents. With JURU, lawyers can assess claims in a more cost-effective manner and provide earlier advice on likely compensation to facilitate early settlement and avoid expensive litigation. Moreover, insurers can use JURU to assess and settle some claims in-house without spending money on legal fees.

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Assessing a realistic value for third party liability claims can be a long and costly exercise.

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Hour after hour of lawyer time is spent on mundane, time consuming legal research, trawling through legal books. Scouring them to find similar cases or relevant court precedents to benchmark a comparable case.

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Imagine how much easier and quicker it would be if we had a very clever computer assistant to identify relevant court precedents AND assess the likely amount of compensation.


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Kumar Ramanathan

Senior Counsel

with over 40 years of experience in PI/EC; former Chairman of Bar Association of HK

JURU  第6张JURU  第7张JURU is an incredible and amazing tool and a must have tool every PI practitioner, I have tried it and I find it highly efficient, effective and most of all very easy to use. I would highly recommend for anyone practicing in the PI world. JURU  第8张JURU  第9张

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Joe Leung


with over 25 years of experience in private practice (PI/EC) and as in-house Counsel for insurers.

JURU  第6张JURU  第7张I am thrilled to see someone finally putting an end to the primitive way of case handling, to dispense with the need to spend hours searching for court precedents. I am pleasantly surprised that now, with JURU, I can find precedents that are useful to my case at my fingertips. I also find JURU's EC calculator very handy and more importantly, more reliable as it eliminates human errors in calculation. JURU  第8张JURU  第9张

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Ronald Kwan

Insurance Practitioner

with over 30 year of experience in general insurance.

JURU  第6张JURU  第7张JURU Is exactly the type of smart products that insurers have longed for. It provides easy and objective estimates for our reserve and claim settlement, making case handling more efficient and cost effective. This will certainly promote earlier settlement which is good for both us and accident victims. I look forward to welcome JURU 2.0 with even more features.JURU  第8张JURU  第9张


Who is behind JURU

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L.I.M. is an one-stop solutions in InsurTech and LegalTech.

Behind L.I.M. is a powerful team of experts from crossed disciplines (legal, insurance, technology).

We have not only exceptional capabilities, but also unbeatable passion and belief, using state of the art technology to improve quality of life; making the world better and smarter for everyone.


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